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Please note: This is a demo site only, no products are for sale.

Welcome to The Healthy Pharmacy South, a Web Genius demonstration site, designed to give today’s pharmacy choices, options and the latest information that appeals to customers and patients. There are no products available for consumers, these are just samples items.

We invite you to navigate through the various website areas and select what you think is most appropriate for your pharmacy. We have included an array of health and wellness information, marketing tools, e-coupons, Social Media and even an automatic e-newsletter. Your Genius Central representative will be happy to discuss your website needs and offer suggestions and recommendations. We believe that your website should be professional, informative and interactive, with the ability to evolve with the times.

Featured Stories
CALM Connection: Relaxing Almond Banana Smoothie
We hear so much about energizing smoothies, but sometimes a dose of calm is in order. This delicious smoothie, with a dash of Natural Vitality’s Natural Calm magnesium, fits the bill.

When Is It Safe to Drive With Type 1 Diabetes?
Having type 1 diabetes can raise your chances of crashing while driving, but new research offers a checklist that helps determine whether it is safe for you to get behind the wheel.
The Healthy Pharmacy South (Demo) Health Tips
Why eat organic chocolate
Certified organic chocolate not only tastes heavenly, but it also has recognized antioxidants such as flavonoids and phenols. These antioxidants protect against heart disease and slow the oxidation of cholesterol, thus preventing a dangerous buildup of artery-blocking plaque.

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